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the international dimension
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In its historical course, Messolonghi distinguished itself as a commercial and educational centre of western Greece. During the Greek Revolution, it was a busy and multinational community; a place where refugees, romantics, adventurers and professionals of politics and war gathered. The fighters of 1826 contributed to the national liberation of Greece and laid a small stone in the edifice of global freedom.

Two hundred years later, the effort to preserve and expand this structure encounters many difficulties. The Exodus of Messolonghi lays the basis for the modern city to become a global centre for studying and promoting the idea of freedom and the challenges it faces today. The momentum of the Bicentenary of the Greek Revolution constitutes an opportunity to highlight the legacy of Exodus and the city.


the international dimension and the timeless significance for its cradle

Activities & events

The Sacred City of Messolonghi is one of the natural cradles of the celebrations for the Bicentennial of the Greek War of Independence.

In the context of this significant anniversary, a set of cultural and artistic initiatives has been planned for 2021 with the collaboration of international, national and local bodies, which includes original artistic works, concerts, exhibitions, workshops, theatrical performances, representations, celebrations, conferences, etc.

With the support of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and the Commission “Greece 2021”, this multi-level programme focuses on the issue of Freedom. The programming is under the supervision of a committee consisting of prominent people of the city, such as Nikos Aliagas, as well as under the artistic direction of Fokas Evangelinos.

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