The Irish philhellenes played a decisive role in the success of the Greek Revolution and the establishment of the modern Greek state.

Richard Church became commander of the Greek army in 1827. Two years later he liberated Messolongi and Aetoliko.

Edward Blaquiere, a seaman from Dublin, advised Ioannis Louriotis to go to London to raise money for the Greek struggle. He then crisscrossed Great Britain in search of funds for the revolutionaries. He then persuaded Lord Byron to come to Greece and contribute to the country’s liberation struggle. Blaquiere brought the first instalment of the British loan and supported the Greek cause with many publications in Great Britain.

Sir Hudson Lowe won the appreciation of the Greek population for framing the administration of the Ionian Islands.

William Bennett Stevenson worked closely with Ioannis Kapodistrias, the first governor of Greece, to rebuild the damaged agricultural sector.

• Picture: Richard Church (1813) – Denis Dighton (Royal Collection Trust)