The Swiss philhellenic movement was among the most active in Europe. The Bern Committee formed very early and similar committees were set up in other cantons. The main concern of the Swiss committees was to provide hospitality to the German volunteers heading to Greece. Professors and clergymen were pioneers in the efforts to help Greek refugees fleeing to Europe and raised substantial contributions for their relief.

There were also some Swiss who came to Greece and fought alongside the Greeks. Johann Jakob Meyer published the newspaper “Hellenic Chronicles” and was killed during the Exodus. The fall of the city reinvigorated the Swiss philhellenic movement and resulted in the publication of numerous articles and poems, including Charles Didier’s “La ruine de Missolonghi”.

• Picture 1: Johann Jakob Mayer
• Picture 2: The c
over of the 9th page of the newspaper HELLENIC CHRONICLES of April 11, 1859