United Kingdom


The United Kingdom was one of the countries where philhellenism flourished and bore fruit most efficiently. Philhellenic circles in London and other British cities organised to raise money to send supplies and ammunition to Greece. The supreme sacrifice of Lord Byron, who offered Greece his time, property, health, and life, is the best-known example of the British contribution to the Greek revolution and Messolonghi. 

But there were other Britons who contributed to the city’s defence. Colonel Leicester Stanhope arrived in Messolonghi as a representative of the Philhellenic Committee of London and brought medical supplies and three printing presses. William Parry, accompanied by eight pyrotechnicians, brought materials for setting up a weapons factory. Along with these necessary supplies, Parry delivered to Messolonghi abundant educational material, books, and musical instruments, an indication of the wider effort of the British philhellenic circles for the reconstruction of Greece.

• Picture 1: Portrait of Lord Byron (c. 1813) – Thomas Phillips
• Picture 2: The Reception of Lord Byron at Messolonghi (1861) – Theodore Vryzakis